Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SoCal trip..

(at PDX waiting for our flight)

(daddy & Jayden on flight to LAX)

SO... We just got in last night at like 11:15pm from our Cali trip, we didn't get back to my husbands parents house until about 12:30AM and to bed probly 1:30am.

We had a fun trip.. Jayden was pretty good for most of the trip. She LOVED Disneyland (it was to be expected... after all she is MY daughter lol).

We started out at SeaWorld (all of our 1st time), on the 1st day we saw Blue Horizones the Dolphin show. I thought it was rather humorous and not nearly enough dolphin. Most of the show was people in bird costumes .. someone wanna tell me what birds have to do with dolphins?! lol. The dolphin part was great thow. Pretty cool. Then we went and saw the Sea Lion show.. that was funny.. mainly because they made fun of the dolphin show lol.

(Jayden & Daddy at Blue Horizons )

(walking thru Seaworld)

(Family Pic at Seaworld )

The 2nd day we saw Believe (the Shamu show) And that was awesome! I loved it.. Jayden thought it was ok. She only got interested when she got a few drops of water on her lol. We were in the 3rd row of the soak zone and didnt get more than 5 drops of water on us :(. We also went to the San Diego Zoo.. not even close to as impressive as everyone says it is. I think it gets way too much hype.

(Jayden & I in front of Shamus Sign)

( Jayden's new friend Shamu in the car)

(Jayden & Shamu in the background)

(in the zoo parking lot)

(Adam & Jayden in front of Shamu's sign)

The next day we went to Harrahs Rincon (this is the whole reason for the trip Adam's meeting was here). The pool was beautiful and Jayden loved to stand at the window and say "pool pool" she loved swimming in it even more :). This was pretty much the hi light here. We spent most of the time in the hotel. I got to go to the casino for a little while and lost all of my winnings on slot machines.. I cant help it I have a problem LOL.

(Jayden in front of the pool)

(Shamu on the bed at the Harrah's)

(Adam & Jayden at the pool)

One day during our stay at the Harrahs we went to the San Diego Safari Park. We liked it a lot more than the zoo. It was kinda neat how most of the animals were just roaming around together. Jaydens fav part was the birds lol.

Then we went to Anaheim on Thursday the 26th. We stayed right across the street from Disneyland (the same hotel I stayed at during my first trip to Disneyland and the same hotel Adam & I stayed at when we got engaged at Disneyland) the Anaheim Inn Best Western.

(Adam & Jayden on Main Street USA)

Friday was our 1st day at Disneyland.. the very first thing we did, we took Jayden stright to Mickey's house in ToonTown.. and took pics with him.. This was quite possibly my fav part of the whole trip (it tied with something else I'll mention later). The look on her face was priceless and she went right to him and gave him a big kiss on the nose :D She loves Mickey! And who could blame her?! Her very first ride was It's A Small World, which she also loved. We did some other rides and ate some food.. and I got burned pretty bad lol.. of course it was on the 1st Disney day to make the rest of the trip extra fun! lol. That night we watched the fireworks from our balcony and Jayden really liked those too.

(Fam pic with Minnie, Jaydens 1st time meeting Minnie)

(Jayden stuffin' her face at the Pizza Port)

Saturday we went to Disney's California Adventure Park. Since we're Disney Credit Card holders we were able to go to a special meet and greet next to the Monsters INC ride. We were a little disappointed to find that they only have one charactor at a time.. so if we wanted to meet more than one charactor we'd have to keep coming back and waiting in line. So we met Pluto and then down the street a little ways was Sulley and we took Jayden to see him. We watched the Monsters Inc parade and then went on the Monsters Inc ride. We took Jayden to Flick's Fun Fair and went on most of those rides (shes too small for tuck & rolls cars) and she played in the water parks. Then we went on the Little Mermaid ride (it was open a few days early. it wasnt supposed to be open until June 3rd).. And I must say.. it was such a great new ride I've been wondering for a while why certain movies dont have rides.. and I thought they did such an amazing job on this one. Then we went to the board walk and played some games and Jayden won a Mickey stuffed animal. That evening we went over to Disneyland to watch the fireworks and the show was canceled due to "wind" lol. So we went early and got good seats for Fantasmic. Jayden was really into the show.. she had a good time watching it with Daddy. After the show there was a lot of people walking to get out of the park so we figured rather than wait in the crowd to get out we'd ride Pirates of the Carribean.. We left our stroller out by Rivers of America and went on Pirates. When we got off our stroller was gone. We spent the next hour looking all around the park and talking with employees looking for it. See we just bought this brand new stroller on Friday before we went to Cali. It was a $200 stroller .. and a double seater so that the new baby could ride in it and Jayden at the same time. Not only that.. but her diaper bag was in the stroller. A $70 diaper bag.. full of diapers and wipes (the only ones we had), Origel (Jaydens teething really bad at this point), some perscription medicine for Jayden, a $50 forehead thermometer, Jaydens shoes (the only pair we had), her brand new sun glasses, sun block, and of course her birth certificate was in there. And the thing Jayden missed the most.. her blankie. Im sorry this put a real big damper on the trip.. I was pretty mad about it the rest of the time.. it wasnt even that the stuff was gone.. it was the principal. Honestly.. who goes to Disneyland to steal a stroller from a baby?! Even worse.. who goes to Disneyland and teaches their kids to steal!?!!! Now I love Disneyland, if you know me, you know its my fav place in the World! But this was very upsetting. Most upsetting was the way Disney acted about it. They didnt care, they had us fill out a lost report and all they said to us was.. "yea, we see this all the time" I was very disappointed with their reaction. I know they dont cover lost or stolen items or anything but I would at the very least expect a little sympathy! After spending over 30 minutes in the lost and found line we filled out our report and finally got to the hotel at about 1AM.

(Waiting in line for Pirates!)

(on Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters)

So the next morning Adam woke up extra early while Jayden and I were still sleeping and got Jayden a replacement stroller from walmart.. it was just an umbrella stroller and nothing special but it still cost him $40.. he also had to buy a whole box of diapers and some wipes, new sun block. He came back to the hotel and put the stroller together and he was so great about the whole thing. I honestly dont know how he handled himself so well. He acted like nothing happened and he just wanted to move on with the vacation and have a good time. We went back to Disneyland and had our very first Character meal.. we ate at the Plaza Inn for Breakfast with Minnie and Friends.. Jayden loved eating with them. She had a great time and we loved seeing her face light up every time someone new came over (except Captain Hook lol he's the only one that made her cry). She tried to share her Mickey shaped waffels with Chip and her blue berries with Eeyore. After breakfast we went around the park riding rides and meeting more characters. I spent the rest of the day being upset about the stroller and looking everywhere for it. I saw it a few places with a few different people.. and I wanted to confront them.. but never did. I had a really hard time forgetting about it. I was mad.. they didnt steal from me.. they stole from my baby. Just an over protective mom I guess. We saw Captain EO and I loved it.. Adam & Jayden left before it even started.. (Adam hates MJ and Jayden cant sit still during a movie lol). I LOVE MJ (he's the greatest ever) So I was really excited when Adam let me watch it cause I was not expecting to get to see it. It was GREAT!!! The fireworks were canceled again.. so Jayden never got to see them in the park.

(Jayden all ready to watch Captain EO)

The next day was our last day in Cali (yesterday). We went to the park and road more rides met more characters and Jayden enjoyed her last day at the park.. My other favorite moment happened very close to the end of this trip.. Jayden's last 2nd to the last ride was on It's A Small World and she LOVED it.. She danced the whole time and it was so adorable! I had to video the whole thing on my phone because we left the camcorder in the car. She was so happy though and at that very moment I realized that the stroller didnt matter and all the other stuff didnt matter.. what mattered was that she had fun. I know she wont remember this trip.. but I'll never forget it! It was great!

(Jayden getting her Characture done at Downtown Disney)

Thanks for stoppin' by and have a great day!

Monday, May 16, 2011

It's A .....

On May 13 (Friday the 13th), 2011 We found out that we're having a girl! :) We're excited and really would have been just as happy if it were a boy. Also, I found out at my ultrasound that so far everything is looking good. Which means... I can go to DISNEYLAND!!! We're going to SoCal for a lil over a week on Saturday. My husband has a class/meeting thing that he's going to and going to present at. So it means a lil vacation for us. This will be Jaydens first trip to Disneyland (and Cali for that matter). We're also going to the San Diego Zoo & SeaWorld (which will be a first for me and Jayden). I cant wait. I dont think I love anywhere quite as much as I love Disneyland :D.. Its gonna be my 3rd trip to Disneyland yay!! Adam wants to make sure we get a pic of the 3 of us in front of the castle in the same spot where Adam proposed to me :)
Seems like a lot of good stuff is happeneing lately. Not only the surprise trip to Cali & Disneyland but also everything looking good this pregnancy (so far anyway, I dont wanna jinx it or anything). And.. I got the Cricut Imagine for mothers day... along with a few carts.. Imagine Nursery Tails & Kates Kitchen & Snapshots Textures.. and graphically speaking & wrap it up :).. a cricut tool kit, an imagine mat and some cuttlebug folders :)
House hunting isnt going quite as well as everything else.. we're still waiting to hear back from the sellers of the 2 houses we've offered on.. and haven't made offers on any others yet. Oh well. All in due time I guess.
And lastely, Adam is in Alaska and wont be back til Friday and we're leaving for cali on Saturday. eh he's a busy guy.


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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Candy giveaway!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just a quick update...

So sorry I havent been on much (Im sure you all know I just moved and all my craft stuff is in storage). We're still looking for a house and have made offers on 2 different homes (both are short sells so who knows how long it'll be).. but we're still looking actively. So we're still living with the in-laws.

At our last ultrasound we found out that our baby is going to be a.......... very STUBBORN child! lol. It had its legs cross so they couldn't determine the gender. I have another ultrasound on May 13th so hopefully we'll find out soon.

Adam is leaving for his first trip to Alaska (not first trip ever but first for this new job) on May 9. On the down side its 2 trips back to back and he may not get to come home for the weekend in between.. which, means theres a good chance he'll miss the ultrasound :(.

BUT on a happy note I know what Im getting for mothers day.... (Adam had me buy it myself cuz he didnt want to lol) So... Im getting a Cricut Imagine and some imagine carts and a few other crafty things.. HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!! :)

Well hope everyone is doing well and thanks everyone for sticking around through this busy time.

Thanks for stoppin' by and have a great day!