Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Awesome Dad Layout

I couldnt help myself I had to make the page match Adam's shirt... because it's so true! :) Pretty simple layout..

I started with some chipboard that came with our pillow cases (for a challenge to recycle that I am entering this in it'll be listed where I list the challenges normally). I cut the big star out of the chipboard using the Simply Charmed cart.. I cut it at 3 3/4 inches.

I just flipped it to the other side (it was a solid off white color) and inked it with yellow chalk ink.

Cut the circle out at 4 inches using my circle cutting tool and added a little blue ink to give it some texture. I outlined the circle with white scribbles 3d paint (to make it match the star on Adam's shirt).

The title was cut at 1 1/4 inches using the Pooh Font cart. I cut the white out in Marker Shadow and the blue in just Marker. I ripped blue paper and adhered the title to that and then I ripped white paper to accent the blue (similar to the title). The pics have a small framed blue mat behind them.. and one has Scribbles 3d paint dots in the corners and the other has a white outline with Scribbles 3d paint. Hope you like. This is page #6 in 7 days :( dang I fell behind.. hopefully I catch up today thow :) we'll see!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Daddy's Girl Layout

This is definitely one of my all time fav pics of Adam & Jayden!! :) I even put it in a frame on Adams desk that says "My prince did come... his name is Daddy!" I thought it was too perfect!

I made this layout using a sketch from Sassy Lil' Sketches.. All of the little squares are cut at 2 3/4 inch x 2 3/4 inch and are scraps that were left over from some of my more recent layouts.. Thought this was a nice touch because it helps to tie all the pages in with colors and patterns. The title is cut with Plantin Schoolbook.. (my very first time using this cart lol).

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This makes 5 pages for Jayden's book in 5 days!! Still on track!

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Amy's candy

Amy over at Papertrails Leaver is giving away a huge candy for hitting her 500 posts! head on over and see how to win!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Sign Layout

Well.. I did it!!! I am now over my goal 4 layouts in 3 days, which is great because it means I have an extra day (we all know how that goes) I know Im gonna end up scrapping one day and falling behind my goal but to be able to say Im ahead of it.. even if it won't last.. is awesome news! Hopefully thow.. I stay on track and keep up my good work.

This is another layout of hospital pics of Jayden I used the Get Picky August Sketch #11 for this layout. I liked the pleated ribbon on my other layout so much I decided to try it again. I have issues.. when I learn something new I do it non stop for awhile lol.. but I think this will be the last layout with pleated ribbon for awhile. All the little paper flowers I had in my stash some are held on with brads (and I used my Big Bite II to punch the layout) and others are glued on with an irock gem in the middle.. (I told you I have trouble letting go of new things lol).

As far as the background paper.. well I made that myself.. not too bad eh? I used some of the paper scraps from my last layout (with the hang line of onsies) and used the onsie cut remains as a stencil and then I used pink & purple chalk in to fill in the onsies. Since I have onsies all over I figured what better thing to journal on than a onsie.. I cut this one out with Life's A party at 3 1/4 inches and popped it up with.. yup you guessed it.. pop dots lol. "The Sign" is also cut from Life's A Party the lower case are 3/4 inch and the capitals are 1 inch. I outlined the title with white scribbles 3d paint to help it stand out a bit. And to finish the page off I put a little pink button in the top corner with pink bakers twine tied in a knot and a purple button over my pink bow also with pink bakers twine.. but I tied this bakers twine into a bow.

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Heaven Sent Layout

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO happy with how this turned out. I think its quite possibly one of my favorite layouts I've ever made. The sketch is from Sassy Lil Sketchs. And on top of this being one of my fav layouts ever.. and being super cute.. I also am still keeping up with my goal.. this is Day 3 and layout 3 for Jayden's book :) yay! I technically made it today but I started it at like 12am and finished it at like 2am.. Adam comes home today and I haven't seen him for almost 2 weeks so I figure I won't get any pages done today.. so its a good thing I made this one late last night (or early this morning however you look at it).

I was so proud of myself for coming up with the onsies on the bakers twine and then after i got done with it I looked at the sketch again and saw I wasnt the first person to have this idea.. oh well I still LOVE it! I got the bakers twine from Really Reasonable Ribbon.. the papers are all from different companies and lines and the only one I know for sure is the pink dotted one is from DCWV. I inked the edges on the large pink plaid background with light pink chalk in and its cut at about 9x9. The onsies were all cut from the Life's A Party cart at different sizes from 1inch - 13/4 inch. I used Mono glue to adhere the bakers twine and ATG for everything else. I also got to use my irock again! yay! I used it in the corners of the pink plaid mat and on a few different random onsies. One of the onsies and once cloud have a pop dot under them. I hand cut all of the clouds on the top and the title HEAVEN SENT is cut at 1in with the Once Upon A Princess cart. The paper for the title and a few of the onsies has a simmer to it.. its like a shiny paper and I thought it was perfect for this!

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So Scrapbookers Central is having a giveaway and once they get 100 followers they're giving away the prize pictured.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Precious Layout

I just finished up another page for Jayden's scrapbook.. Using the same DCWV Scrap-a-holic sketch. This time I used the Nana's Nursery Baby Boy stack. I know it looks a little boyish but I thought it went well with the colors in the pics.. the blue gown I was wearing adn the orange/yellowish walls and such. I realize that it makes the whole thing look like Jayden is a boy :( oh well.

I made the bottle using Simply Charmed & the title Precious is cut from Once Upon A Princess with a piece of yellow DCWV adhesive back mat.. from a 4x6 mat stack. And the pleated ribbon was my very first attempt I think it turned out pretty good for a first try. :).

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So far thats 2 pages for Jayden's book in 2 days.. that means Im right on track.. hopefully I stay that way.. or even better.. surpassing my goal would be wonderful!!

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Jacque's Celebration Candy

Ok now I dont know if any of you know who Jacque is but I do.. I've been following her blog since I started blogging.. so a little over a year now I think. And she is the best.. she's always giving away candy and sharing her AMAZING cards.. and when I say AMAZING I say it for lack of better words.. because these cards she makes are.. well.. AMAZING lol! Anyway.. She has found out some wonderful news and wants to share her joy with you. Head on over to Jacque's Joie de Vivre to see how to enter for a chance to win her huge candy and see why shes so happy :D!

Best Friends Layout

I made this layout using the August Stack-a-holic Sketch at DCWV. These are pics of Jayden in the hospital with Nelly.. her very first best friend :D. She LOVED to look at Nelly. She probably would still be sleeping with her every night if we could find her.. but you know how it is when you move lol. I was happy to make this layout I think it turned out cute and I have recently made myself a new goal.. My goal is to get at least 1 page of Jayden done each day before I have Harmony.. that way I can at least pretend I put a dent into her 1st year scrapbook lol. Hopefully that will be enough to get all of her hospital pics taken care of.. thats 7 pages a week .. hoping for more.. we'll see!

I used the Nana's Nursery Baby Girl stack. I cut the title "BEST FRIENDS" out using the Once Upon a Princess cart and I cut the flower out of the middle to make the words fit on the page the way I wanted them to. I inked the edges of most of the background papers to help them stand out. The Seahorse I cut using the Create A Critter cart (as well as the hearts). It happened to work out perfectly that I used very similar colored papers to how Nelly actually looks in real life! I thought that was a great touch. I inked the edges of the pink part of the seahorse with white chalk in to make it pop from the background a bit. And topped the seahorse off with pop dots.. I did 2 pop dots so that it would fit above the ruffle ribbon that its sitting on top of. The ribbon is from some candy I won a little while ago and I believe that person said they got it from Really Reasonable Ribbon.. and it just so happens to match the yellow/orangeish plaid paper that I used.. so cute! I wrote the journaling with a pink glaze pen.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Very 1st Gift Card Holder Flashback Friday

This is the very first gift card holder I've ever made.. I made it just last Dec (2010). Yea I know it has money in it but it could fit a gift card.. I just didnt have one one me at the time. I remember just making it from my mind.. I hadn't seen one before and I just thought it was a good idea the way I made the pocket.. (I had seen gift card holders before but not made this way). The outside has Elmo cut from my Sesame Street cart.. and the paper Im not sure I know I used it a lot last winter cuz I was so in love with it lol. Anyway onto the important part.. the gift card holder pocket on the inside is an envelope cut into 1/2 or possibly 1/4.. its been so long im not for sure. Anyway I just ATGed the back down and slipped the money in. Worked out nicely. :)

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Flashback Friday Challenge - 14.0

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Halloween 09 Imaginisce layout

I made this layout using the current sketch at Imaginisce and the Spooky Town line.

I cut the flower for the title with Accent Essentials in black & orange. And used the bat stamp from the spooky town line for the little bat on the green square with white chalk ink & cut him out by hand. I hand drew all the sitching around the boxes with a black glaze pen (also wrote the title and the sub title (2009) and the journaling). I used my irock for the first time.. yay me :) lol. I used silver orange and the lighter orange color irock gems. Oh and the pumpkin ribbon is from Really Reasonable Ribbon.. love this stuff!!! Hope you like it.

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Monday, August 22, 2011

halloween candy giveaway!

head on over to Linda B's Crafty Creations to see how to enter to have a chance at winning this halloween candy!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

1000 sheets of paper giveaway!!!

Its that time again!!! A thousand sheets of paper.. is giving away a 1000 sheets of paper! head on over and see how to enter to win!!!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Twinery Anniversary Giveaway

So.......... I just found out The Twinery is celebrating their Anniversary.. and today they are giving away the ultimate twine pack! Thats a LOT of twine. So head on over and see how to enter for a chance to win!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

We have a name...

So Adam finally picked his first name and now I can tell everyone what we're naming our 2nd baby. We decided on Harmony Rain Larsen! :D Jayden loves it.. she points to my belly and says "baby siser" or "Harm" :)

The other night we went to baby's r us and bought Harmony's crib & exersaucer... Now I have to give you a little back ground here for this.. Jayden has recently fallen in love with shoes. Has to have them all the time.. the first thing she says when she wakes up and gets outa her crib is "shoes!" and she says it all day.. when she wears shoes she stops every few seconds to point at them say "shoes" and show them to everyone. (my baby lol). So while shopping for baby clothes at babies r us (i have a thing for baby clothes i love them and can't stop buying them.. just ask Adam lol).. Jayden spotting something she wanted to buy her baby sister.. of course it was shoes lol! They are little pumpkin slippers.. and whe she pointed at them and said "baby... baby shoes!" i had to let her get them. So we were walking around and shes holding the shoes and Adam comes up to the cart.. he says "no shoes Jayden you don't need any more shoes" and I looked at him and told him.. these are for her baby sister.. just ask her she told me she wants to get them for the baby! and he said "yea right!" then he turned to Jayden and said "who are the shoes for?" Jayden said "baby!" and Adam said "are you the baby?" and Jayden said "baby siser.. shoes baby siser!" well needless to say.. Jayden got to get her baby sister some shoes lol.

On Aug 15 Adam & I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. We spent it mainly at home.. but went out to the Olive Garden for dinner.. with Jayden. See most people would do this just the two of them.. no kids.. but aside from loving spending time with Jayden all the time and wanting her around all the time.. Adam was leaving for another work trip to AK on the 16th at 5AM so he wanted to spend all the time he could with Jayden cuz he's gone for 2 weeks this time. On our way to the Olive Garden out of no where Jayden said "pita" (pizza).. and Adam and I just about dropped everything to take her to pizza hut since this was her very first time of requesting a certain food for dinner.. but ended up getting her a pizza from the olive garden.

Adam left at 5am on the 16th and later on the 16th Rachel (my SIL (brothers wife)), Jayden & I all went to Fabric Depot and picked out the fabric and pattern for Harmony's crib set. And then I picked up my mom and shes staying with Jayden & I until Saturday.. Adam wanted me to have people around to stay with me since Im getting so far along. And Adam wanted to make sure someone was here if I should happen to go into labor early (since I had post partum preeclampsia last pregnancy theres a good chance i'll get it this time, possibly during the pregnancy, and it causes early delivery). Im not supposed to pick Jayden up anymore (nothing over 15lbs.. and shes 26) but whos gonna tell a baby like that I cant pick u up? not this mommy! So I do still pick her up.. but since my moms here not as much. And next week my aunt and cousin are coming to stay for a day or 2. Adam will be back on Thursday.. so thats good.

Thats about all I have to post for now.. since my moms here I havent been scrapbooking at all.. but will start again once she leaves.. maybe lol.

Thanks for stoppin' by and have a great day!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Baby #2 Update

So... on Aug 4th we went back to the 3d Ultrasound place (for our 2nd set since the baby didnt cooperate the 1st time) and she was not wanting her pic taken (this is a BAD sign for me.. the mommy that has a photography studio and MUST take a pic of the baby at least once a month on the day it was born but more like once a week lol).. finally toward the end of the session she woke up and started moving and we got some good pics and video :).

On Aug 6th my mom and SIL (Rachel) threw me a baby shower and it was great! Even though we asked for no gifts (of course no one's gonna listen to us lol) we got tons of stuff for the new baby.. mainly clothes and gift cards.. which is really what I was expecting anyway.. I LOVE baby clothes.. I can't get enough but Adam thinks I get too much and the baby never gets to wear it (this is pretty much true lol.. especially when it comes to swim suits.. i have a problem.. jayden has at least 5 swim suits in each size and maybe wore 1-2 of them in each size if she was lucky lol).

Anyway the shower was great.. my best friend came even though it was on her birthday and i was definitely not expecting that. I made most of the decorations for the shower including a banner and napkin rings etc.. and I'll post a pic and some details on all the party decore soon. We started running low on time and I didn't get around to making my smores on a stick so my WONDERFUL husband ended up making them because I was busy tying fabric around the tops of the cookies in a jar along with their tags. He's the super best.. and the looked GREAT! (again I'll post pics of all the baby shower stuff soon.

We also I believe have finally agreed on a name for our lil NoName Girly.. We have it down to 2 names.. And soon hopefully we'll have it down to one and i'll be able to tell the world!

And... we got our C-section date on the 1st. We'll be heading into the hospital on Sept 13, 2011.. heres the kicker... my C-section is schedueled for 7:30AM that means we have to be there at.. (hold onto your seats) 5:30AM.... WHAT!!!!!!!?? lol. Now Im not a morning person ok.. that means we have to leave our house at around 4:45AM... meaning I'll have to get up around 4AM.. c'mon people this is my last night to get any sleep.. i mean i'll have a newborn in just hours after this! Lol.

And thats whats going on with this baby.. Adam leaves for AK AGAIN!! on Tuesday early morning like 3am or something because he didn't want to leave on our anniversary (monday Aug 15).. well other than that not much else.

Thanks for stoppin' by and have a great day!