Monday, May 16, 2011

It's A .....

On May 13 (Friday the 13th), 2011 We found out that we're having a girl! :) We're excited and really would have been just as happy if it were a boy. Also, I found out at my ultrasound that so far everything is looking good. Which means... I can go to DISNEYLAND!!! We're going to SoCal for a lil over a week on Saturday. My husband has a class/meeting thing that he's going to and going to present at. So it means a lil vacation for us. This will be Jaydens first trip to Disneyland (and Cali for that matter). We're also going to the San Diego Zoo & SeaWorld (which will be a first for me and Jayden). I cant wait. I dont think I love anywhere quite as much as I love Disneyland :D.. Its gonna be my 3rd trip to Disneyland yay!! Adam wants to make sure we get a pic of the 3 of us in front of the castle in the same spot where Adam proposed to me :)
Seems like a lot of good stuff is happeneing lately. Not only the surprise trip to Cali & Disneyland but also everything looking good this pregnancy (so far anyway, I dont wanna jinx it or anything). And.. I got the Cricut Imagine for mothers day... along with a few carts.. Imagine Nursery Tails & Kates Kitchen & Snapshots Textures.. and graphically speaking & wrap it up :).. a cricut tool kit, an imagine mat and some cuttlebug folders :)
House hunting isnt going quite as well as everything else.. we're still waiting to hear back from the sellers of the 2 houses we've offered on.. and haven't made offers on any others yet. Oh well. All in due time I guess.
And lastely, Adam is in Alaska and wont be back til Friday and we're leaving for cali on Saturday. eh he's a busy guy.


  1. Wow congrats!! I hope you guys have a safe a fun and safe trip.


  2. Congrats and give Mickey a hug for me! Have a fun trip and take lots of pictures!


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