Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sept Drawing with Aud Sentiments!

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Fuzzy Wuzzy Blog Candy


Hey.. I just found this blog and they're giving away some amazing blog candy!! Fuzzy Wuzzy Challenges is a new challenge blog that will begin their first challenge on Sept 3. I'm really excited to have found them because I LOVE animals and all of their challenges will have something to do with animals! How great! So, how do you get in on a chance to win this candy? Simple follow the link HERE!

Snow Man Card

I made this cute lil' snowman card last night. I used my Cricut Expression to cut out the snowman and the snowflakes. I colored in the snowman, snowflakes, and the snow on the bottom with Prismacolor markers. to make the snow on the bottom, I cut it to the size I wanted (so there would be a little bit of a red border around all of it) than I tore the top to give the look of mounds of snow. I think it turned out pretty cute!

I made this card for 2 challenges...

Thanks for looking and have a great day!

Sweet Birthday Card

Last night I made this cute birthday card. I used 3 different colors of card stock (pink, bright purple, and white), some scalloped edge scissors, a star punch, purple ribbon (from Joann's I believe), a cupcake stamp (I added the cherry on top, thought it gave it something), terrifically tacky tape, zig glue and prismacolor markers.

I was able to fit this into 2 challenges:

Monday, August 30, 2010

AMAZING deal at Michaels!!!

So yesterday my husband took me scrapbook shopping (cuz he's the best! :D) and I got an AMAZING deal!!! Everything pictured below, I got it all, I mean EVERYTHING for under $46! Can you believe that?! See Michaels was having this wonderful deal and I normally wouldn't have noticed.

I recently got more into making cards (I used to just be about scrapbooking) and I've been noticing that most people that make cards are doing amazing shading things inside their stamps so I went to a forum and asked out. They said copics or something similar so I've been interested in blending markers and I noticed that Michaels was having all their prismacolor markers on sale for 50% off! But, theres more! To top off the 50% off they also had a coupon for an additional 40% your purchase of fine art products(regular price or sale price), this included the prismacolor markers.. yea I got the 24 set for under $40!! They normally sale at Michaels for $119! Such a great deal! I'm sooo happy with this purchase!

Oh and another thing, these papers above where listed at a clearance price of $.09 each! But I was surprised to see them ring up at $.05 each! What a great deal! So, if you happen to be looking for a deal on prismacolors markers or some really cute paper go check out Michaels (make sure to take the coupons!).

Now.. since this is my blog about being a mom (not just paper crafts lol) I thought I'd post a pic of Jayden (its not brand new but it's her most recent photo shoot I did in my studio) I'll start posting more pics and stories of and about Jayden.. anyway on to the photo.. my lil ballerina!
More news.. yesterday we booked another wedding.. this one for Sept 25, 2010.. here in WY not back home in WA like we like oh well.. this means we have to fly in a baby sitter.. most likely my mom which will be good! Also.. we'll be goin home to see my best friend in the whole world (shes also my cousin) and the last time I saw her I was pregnant with Jayden in October.. so yea almost a year. She lives in OH (moved there when she was in HS) and thow we're best friends shes the person I wanna see the most and get to see the least. She loves babies and hasnt got to meet Jayden yet so shes also very excited as is her daughter Leila. I cant wait.

More news.. Adam just left this morning on a work trip to MO and wont be back til Thursday.. which means I'll probably be rippin my hair out when he does get back.. Jayden loves her daddy and gets cranky when she doesnt see him often enough =)! It also means a chance to scrapbook/make cards (i hope! we'll see).

anyway thanks so much for stoppin by!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Mickey Mouse Birthday Card

So, I made this really cute Mickey Mouse birthday card that fits into a few challenges.

It just so happens my nephew is turning 5 on Sept 1 so I made this card with him in mind! We both LOVE Mickey Mouse so I had to make him a Mickey card.
The requirements:
Birthday Bash - inspired by birthdays and using Circut... Mickey is cut out from the "Mickey & Friends" cart
Distressing - any kind of distressing... the edges on the front of the card and on the inside of the card are distressed with ink.
Recipe - a die cut or punch, ribbon, and heat or dry embossing... Mickey is the die cut, there is a yellow ribbon down the front of the card, and along the cards edge is some dry embossed stars
I See Stars - should include a star or stars or anything with a star incorporated... there are 2 yellow stars on the front as well as many dry embossed stars around the edges.

Paper- black, pink, yellow, white & red card stock
die cut - Cricut expression & Mickey and Friends cart
yellow ribbon
star punch
star embosser
black and red ink
mini alphabet stamp set
terrifically tacky tape
and zig glue

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Workin on getting a cuttlebug

Yea.. I really want a Cuttlebug now and Im trying really hard to talk Adam (my hubby) into getting me one.. it's so hard to convince him thow since I just got him talked into a trip to Disneyland around Christmas (this will be Jayden's first trip and we'll be going with my brother and his fam) not to mention all the scrapbooking stuff I have. He thinks its the last thing I need because I "won't use it" ha.. I'd so use that! lol. I'll have it by my birthday it's almost certain lol.. I just have to work on him for a little while (I also wasn't gonna get the iPhone since I'd "never use it"... 1 month later.. I had it :D).. he spoils me! He's the best!

Anyway so I have recently been more into this blogging, I've meant to be into it for a LONG time, even before Jayden was born (I wanted to keep track of all her new and exciting mile stones in one easy place for scrapbooking).. but shes over 7 months old and Im just now starting to do this more frequently. We travel often, between my husbands work trips and our visits home it's been hard to sit down and just blog but finally something to get me interested.

So I've been getting into doing some challenges and such as of late.. which I LOVE! Having a due date to get a project done by gives me even more motivation to do something, so I'm really glad that all these blogs I follow are helping to get me back into the groove of being crafty.

While blog surfing today I found a blog that is having some awesome giveaways right now and I wanted to share them with everyone that stops by because its such an awesome deal! The blog is "Crafty Girl Designs" and she has two different weeks worth of giveaways going on right now and if you hop on over now you still have a chance to win the one that ends on Aug 30 HERE! and the other giveaway you have until Sept 6 to win and you can enter that one HERE! These are amazing giveaways!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Made By Momo Baby Challenge

So these are pink with white polk-a-dot diaper cards with safety pin embellishments.. They are not only the card but also the envelope. Made the design myself with photoshop and then cut it with my cricut and sure cuts a lot. I also made liners (the one pictured is blue) in a few different pastel colors.
(Card front)

(how the card/envelope is opened)

(the inside view of the card)

Friday, August 20, 2010


So, While we were home (in Vancouver, WA) from Aug 11 - Aug 18 we did a lot of stuff. We visited with family.
On the 13th we met with the wedding couple we were shooting for, and went swimming with Adam's family.
On the 14th we shot Mark & Amy's wedding
On the 15th we celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary! Adam took me on the Sternwheeler and we ended up doing a small engagement shoot for a couple that got engaged on the boat.
On the 16th we went to Sandlake with my family
We spend the rest of the time between our families.

Yesterday Jayden went in for her 3rd round of shots, these are usually given at 6 months but we travel so often that her shots were slowly pushed back a couple weeks and then when it was time for her 6 month shots she was already 7 months and 1 week old. She did really well... has a fever (like she always does after shots) but she's being such a good girl! Daddy felt bad (like he always does after she has shots) and bought her a Tigger!

Now, Im getting ready to finally use this Mac for the reason we bought it... to work on a wedding. So, here goes Im gonna get on Mark & Amy's wedding pics! This should go a LOT faster than it would if I were still using my Sony.

OH yea one other thing.. while we were on the plane home Adam told me that he'd really like to help me out with Jayden's scrapbook!! How awesome is that?! It's been a really long time since he's scrapbooked with me.. well I guess he did a few pages for our wedding scrapbook.. but still.. he got me all excited and now I really wanna scrap but I cant because I gotta finish up this wedding.. *sigh*

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Home Sweet Home

So tomorrow we fly outa DEN to PDX :D yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're shooting a wedding on the 14th. This will be Jayden's 10th flight! How exciting... I'm always excited to go home.. I HATE WY!

Jayden's 1st tooth

So... yesterday Adam and I discovered that Jayden is finally getting in her first tooth! It's just barely peeking out of her gums! I'm so lucky that she's such a good girl! She hasn't even been cranky or upset or anything. I can't wait for the lil tooth to pop out the rest of the way! It'll make for such cute pics! So I guess it technically started breaking the gums on August 7, 2010.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Not what I planned

Well turns out I dont actually use this as much as I said I was going to.. being a mom takes up a LOT of time. But, since Im here now, might as well update.

Jayden said her first word "mama" on May 22.. she now has it down and says "mama" all the time. In the last 2 days Jayden has learned how to say "dada" and dada is lovin it! :D And just yesterday Jayden learned to say "hi" though she can't say it as well and doesn't say it as often as mama or dada.

On the 11th we leave for home (Vancouver, WA) for another visit and to shoot a wedding. Sadly we fly out on the 11th (Jayden's 7 month birthday) and I ALWAYS do her photo shoots on the 11th.. not quite sure how Im gonna work this one out but Im sure I will.

I've really been wanting to scrapbook lately but never seem to find the time.. and when I do find the time I find myself just organizing everything.. it takes so long to finally get everything neat and once it's neat it gets messy again if I scrap.. *sigh* oh but I love it when I actually get to do it :)