Saturday, June 25, 2011

House Update

So... We are signing and closing on our house on Wednesday June 29 and the movers are coming with our stuff on Thursday June 30... I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im sure I dont have to tell anyone else .. not living in your own home for months is no fun at all! So excited.. we're gonna be busy for the next week or so moving in and everything.. but We'll finally get to sleep in our own bed and Jayden in her own crib *Sigh* :). Then sometime soon my brother is coming over (and possibly my sister in law also) to help me paint Jayden & the new babies rooms yay! Im redoing Jaydens room very similar to her old nursery.. all under the sea but a lot of the animals will look different cuz my brother is much better than I am at painting lol. The new babies room (we still havent picked/agreed on her name yet.. but we did agree to agree on a name by Aug 1) I am planning a forest/woodland type of theme.. also similar to Jaydens room in that all of the animals are going to be bright crazy colors.. but the sky and trees will be correct colors.. I cant wait. Adam's Grandma Larsen has already started working on her blanket and its going to be Bambi themed (super cute).. and Rachel (my sis in law) is going to be making the crib set.. we're thinking something like silhouettes of animals on some other fabric (not quite sure yet). Rachel is also planning my baby shower and has such great ideas.. shes making a Bambi cake (and its gonna be GREAT!) and forest creature sugar cookies.. all sorts of really cute ideas that we've compiled from different cute stuff on the internet.. including cookies mix in a jar.. smores on a stick and other cute stuff like that.

Also we recently heard back from Disneyland and to make up for our stroller getting stolen at Disneyland they have offered us free Disney tickets. So we'll see where that goes.. we already have some 5 day park hoppers for Disneyworld anytime before 2030 from our honeymoon .. and Adam has to send them our original tickets and give them a time frame we would like to use them by. I'll keep you all posted. I must say though for as bad as it was that our stroller got stolen and the poor customer service in the park.. the customer service otherwise is AMAZING.. they are always so nice and happy to help with any issue.

Also today on craigslist we found some of the storage scrapbooking cubes (im not sure of their name but they're the big cubes and they're white and they sell them at Michaels & Joanns etc) anyway we got 9 cubes for $80 talk about a great deal!!! I cant wait to get to work on my scrap room!

Well thanks for still following me hopefully I'll get a project up sometime in July (fingers crossed).. id really love to get to work on some stuff before the new baby comes. But anyways thanks for sticking around through my move :)

Thanks for stoppin' by and have a great day!

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