Thursday, February 2, 2012

300 Follower WINNER!! & whats new

Sorry this is late I know I said Feb 1.. and it's the 2nd... where does the time go??

So anyway no more waiting... Jo Ann V you are the winner!!! I will attempt to contact you right after this post.. you have 48 hours to get in touch with me (, If this doesn't happen I'll have to choose another winner. Congrats!!

Thank you to the other 3 people that entered (kinda laughable I'm celebrating 300 + followers and only 4 entered... that's perfectly ok thow). I'll be doing my next "big" giveaway at 500 followers.. but I'll also probably have more before then.. blog hops, just being nice, etc. So stick around :).

So... what's new?

Harmony: is now busting up laughing and its super cute. She can sit on her own unsupported for a few seconds now and supported for as long as she wants. Adam put her Exersaucer together and shes loving it (so is Jayden lol). Her current fav toy is her Hershey's Kiss. She's full of baby babbles and she says something that sounds just like "Yea Yea!" and she's said "hi" a couple times but we probably aren't counting it cuz she won't do it all the time.. she can wave and She got her first taste of baby food on Jan 30th (Turkey & turkey broth).. HATED it lol. She is also cutting her very first tooth.. my baby girl is getting TOO big TOO fast :( !!! That's all I can think of for "Harma" right now..

Jayden: won't stop talking! She's copying everything anyone says (cute and not so cute at times).. She can now draw an "O" a heart, and a "frosting mmm man" (frosty the snowman lol).. she's always making us laugh. She knows what an "A" "M" and "O" are and look like.. and can count from 1 to 3 (she was counting from 3 to 7 but she stopped for some reason). She also is starting to potty train (not off to a great start but it could be worse) and actually went poopoo on the potty chair on her birthday! Lots of funny stuff to tell about her but not enough time in the world lol :).

And me? Well... Adam bought me a sewing machine last week and it came on Friday but I didn't get it until Sunday night. (I've never ever used a sewing machine and couldn't tell you a thing about one or how to work one or even how to turn one on lol sad i know). My sister-in-law Rachel came over on Monday and taught me some basics (we also shopped for some basics and a couple patterns on Saturday) and she helped me make my very first project.. I'm pretty pleased to say the very first thing I ever sewed with a sewing machine was pillows to sit on the couches in the living room and they turned out GREAT! I can't believe that my very first time sewing with a machine was so successful I'm super pleased and never coulda done it without Rachel's help.. shes the very best Sister anyone could ask for. She's always helping me with something.. be it my senior project paper, a report for a college class.. helping me plan my wedding, making the dresses and vests for my wedding, making all of the diapers and dresses for Jayden, the crib set for Harmony, thowing my baby showers, helping me bake & decorate 100s of sugar cookies for a party when shes got tons of homework to do, planning parties with me, teaching me to sew or just being there for me.. she never ever lets me down (except that senior project but thats another story lol!!).

Anyway so I don't have any pics of the pillows yet but I'll take some and post them soon.. and maybe a pic of my new machine.. shes a beaut! Just what I needed.. another hobby.. cuz I'm not already busy with a 2 year old (which is in the beginning stages of potty training) a 4 month old (cutting her 1st tooth) and a paper crafting problem that won't quit lol! So I guess I'll have more than paper crafts to share now.. bad thing? we'll see! LOL

Thanks for stoppin' by and have a great night!


  1. I absolutely LOVE the pic of her asleep on her princess couch!!!!! PRICELESS.
    They grow up toooooo fast.
    Be blessed, Beckie

  2. Your babies are beautiful. I don't know if I entered or not, but would have if I knew. I know there were a lot of blog hops going on, you might have been missed in our google readers. I'll be on the look out for your 500 followers. :)

    Smiles Sher


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