Saturday, July 14, 2012

My AMAZING Husband!!!

OK I dont really have much to say this post other than my husband is SO AMAZING its not even funny!!!!

On top of being an amazing dad...

and all the other amazing stuff he's done/got recently (which includes a trip to Disney World and tons of scrapbooking paper and some paper racks and some other scrap goodies)..

yesterday he bought me a Cricut Expression 2... best part.. I found it on craigslist for $100 no joke people.. it works and it came with 3 extra carts!!!!!! :D

Well today we went on a date night to go see TED (sold out so we couldn't see it) and ended up going out to dinner and.. he bought me the bed frame & night stands I've been eyeballing for some time now (a few months)..

We only had a frame under our bed no head/foot board or anything and we're kinda funny he says we have "college dorm room furnature" lol.. which means I have a rubbermaid storage tub for my night stand lol.

We just never got around to getting a bedroom set (we've been married for 4 years in exactly 1 month from today).. wasnt really high on our things to do list.. but he got it for me today and it's AMAZING just like him :D..

He's putting it together as I type this..

And he carried this HUGE-MUNGUS thing up all of our stairs which are a semi spiral lol. Anyway he's the best just thought I'd let you guys know how lucky I am to have him and that he spoils me. Really I just wanted to post about what a great guy he is :D LOVE YOU Babe!

... LOL!!

Thanks for stoppin by and have a great day!!

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