Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cricut stuff for sale + catch up + pics

Hey everyone.. so sorry for the absence as of late. I've been busy with the holidays and birthdays.. *sigh* my oldest (Jayden) just celebrated her 3rd birthday... :( I can't believe how big she is.

They really do grow as fast as people say.. wish I could just have a pause button sometimes. We had a Mad Tea Party birthday for her (she loves tea partys) and everyone thought it looked pretty good.. I'll slowly be posting some of the items I crafted for that party.. as I have time. I made all sorts of crazy cool stuff.. some pretty simple, some pretty complicated. But it turned out so cute and seeing Jayden's face made everything worth while. Here's a couple pics of her..

Jayden's photoshoot on her actual birthday (I made the hat and I'll post those later sometime)

One of the fav pics of the shoot.. <3 3="3" font="font" lil="lil" my="my" old="old" year="year">

"We're all MAD here!"

We also just took a trip to Disneyland and that was well crazy! It was tons of fun of course but it sure made the holidays a lil more hectic.
 us on the first day with Minnie

 Us with Santa, I mean Goofy lol

Jayden, Adam & baby Harmony watching the fireworks

And of course Christmas...
The Drive to my family's Christmas

Adam & baby Harm with Bambi (a present)

Jayden & Harmony with some presents

And then we had to have a New Years Eve party.. that one was easy... pizza hut, pop, fun.. though I did make a personal trifle for everyone.. pretty time consuming.

Now it's back to the routine, hopefully.. for a lil while anyway. Right now I'm currently crafting the memory book I promised to make for Adam's Grandparents 50th anniversary party we all through for them.. and I'm pretty pleased to say I finished to pages tonight and I'm really hoping to having it done by Valentines day.. (this year lol).

And while I'm working on that album Adam is trying his hardest to help me get this mess I call a scrapbooking/craft room (and Adam calls his office) orginized. He actually wants to help and he's working really hard to get it all in order and making sure its functional for us both as well as what I want :).. he's the best!

So, since we're cleaning things.. I'm also cleaning some things out to make some space.. I'm selling a few things and putting some things into a box for a giveaway soon. If anyone is interested in any of the items I'm selling please email me @ with any questions.. I will accept paypal and would be willing to ship (additional fees will apply to the machines).

What am I selling?
Here are some links to some of the items I'm selling:
Cricut Expression 2 (used)
Cricut Mini (brand new still in box + 2 packs of mats = 4 total)
Old West (linked on ebay)
Other Cartridges (used & new.. the above carts + live simply lite, crocs rule lite, hoot 'n' holler lite, seasonal cake art, elegant cake art, & snapshot nature imagine cart)

Hopefully I have a project up soon.. I'll have to get some pics of the ones I've been doing.

Thanks for stoppin' by and have a great day!

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