Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Google Reader, feedly, bloglovin.. PROBLEMS!

So my husband moved all my rss feeds to feedly about 2 months ago.. But I was still using google reader until the last minute. I signed in to feedly yesterday and everything was fine... Well today I went to sign in and NOTHING.. Everything is GONE!!! Now what? Anyone else having this problem? I also tried to use blog lovin and no luck there either.. I hate this! I follow over 1000 blogs and now how am i supposed to even try to look at them?! This SUCKS! I hate you feedly and bloglovin and of course google reader!

I've talked to the freely customer service and they've had numerous people with the same issue as me. So their solution is that they are currently working to get an OPML importer on their site so that u can just upload your stuff with ur google reader backup. This is good news for anyone else having the same issue hope they get it up soon.


  1. I started using Bloglovin and now when I log into my blog, my Blogger Reader is working again. What the heck??

  2. Try deleting your cookies. This usually works for me. Good luck. I know it can be a real pain in the butt sometimes.


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