Monday, November 15, 2010

My very 1st blog award

Last night I recieved my very first blog award, how exciting!! I was awarded by Amanda of My Scrappin' Obsession! Thank you so much Amanda :)!

From what I've read, I am supposed to pick 3 things that make me or my blog unique.. *sigh*. I am also supposed to pick 5 other blogs to award..
1. Im always learning something new in the papercrafting world.. so I have different stuff often.. like when I learn something new.
2. Due to my husbands job I've had the oppertunity to move all over the country and have been to tons of different places.. therefore I have seen a lot of cool places and a lot of not so cool places lol!
3. I am a professional photographer.. (own my own wedding photography business and a studio in my basement) so I have TONS upon TONS of pics to scrap... If nothing else you'll at least get some photography ideas from my studio shots of my baby. I even set up shoots around scrapbook page ideas I have haha :D
The 5 blogs I award are:
On another note.. I will soon be posting about a HUGE blog cany Im giving away! There will be tons of stuff and the more people I have participate the more candy there will be.. it's gonna be BIG! I mean BIG! :). So stay tuned for that.. it should be up this week sometime.
Also today we're leaving town (a business trip for the hubby) we'll be up in the North East part of WY and on Friday we're goin to Devils Tower and Mt Rushmore.. should be fun .. and then we'll be back on Friday. So I wont have any crafts up this week :(
More news.. I am also goin to be starting work on a few Christmas gifts and Jayden's 1st birthday invites.. so i'll have some of that stuff posted sometime in the near future.. And lastly, Jayden & I will be flying home for Christmas on Dec 12 and we wont be getting back to WY until around Jan 5 or so.. so no crafts in that time either.. I will still check in and post some pics and stuff though. We'll be having Jayden's first birthday early so that our families can celebrate with us.
Thanks for stoppin' by and have a great day!


  1. Enjoy your award! You deserve it. :)

  2. thank you so much for the award. I am so flattered. My address is Rhonda Emery
    26330 w.322nd Paola, ks 66071 and my email is so glad you recieved your mini album. hugs


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