Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mini Album SweetSassyDiva DT project

The challenge for the SweetSassyDiva DT this week is to make a mini album with a binding machine or binder rings. I do not yet have a binding machine so I made a mini album using binder rings.


2- 1inch binder rings

3 - 41/8 x 9 1/2 envelopes

patterned papers

different ribbons

big bite



For the chipboard cover you will need two 4.5x5 inch & one 1 3/4 x 5 inch piece of chip board, one 6x12 piece of patterned paper (that you want on the outside of your book), one patterned paper 1/4 smaller than 6x12 for the inside of the cover. There is a tutorial on how to make this cover/binding at The Paper Trail I figured this would be much easier than me trying to explain it to you! (For my book I only used 2 rings and i put them in at 1.5 inches from the top and from the bottom.)

For the pages inside the book I cut down different patterned papers to 4.5x5 and adhered two pages together so that they were double sided.. do as many of these as you like. On a few of these I took some of the leftover papers after cutting them and made little strip pockets on the bottom.. just tape down on the bottom and sides this will make a pocket.

For the envelope pages I made 2 different types. For the first type I just cut the envelopes in half and sealed the envelope where the sticky stuff is on them.. this will make a pocket. I then covered both outsides in paper (approx. 4x4.5). Then I made tags to go inside of these.. they are also approx 4x4.5. punch a hole in the middle and tie with ribbon.. remember that you will have rings going through the side so the tag may need the ribbon more off to a side so that it appears to be the center.

For the second envelope pocket pages (these are soooo great) I have not seen these anywhere before (so I guess I came up with these on my own), if you've seen them somewhere else before disreguard that lol. Ok, for the second envelope pockets I folded the envelope in half (with the part you would normally put an address on on the inside). Put a strip of adhesive down each side (not the top) to seal it and form a pocket. The patterned paper to fit on these should also be approx 4x4.5 adhere to the envelope outsides by sliding behind the triangel pocket. To cover the triangel pocket you will need to cut your patterned paper to fit. On these envelope pocket pages you have a place for 3 tags.. the middle tag should be approx 4x4.5 and the triangel pocket tags should be 1/4inch smaller than 4x4.5.

Very simple book and very cute. I tied some different random Christmas ribbons around the rings but you can do whatever you like. I didn't add many embellishments I thought this was better as far as allowing you to imagine all the things you could do with a book like this. I hope you enjoyed it!
I am entering this into the following challenge:

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  1. Great Christmas themed mini-album! Thanks so much for joining our Really Reasonable Ribbon challenge.

  2. Great mini album!!! great instructions!!!TFS


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