Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Heart Shaker Card

I was at Craft Warehouse the other day and they were having a huge clearance on a lot of scrap stuff. Including the Shaker things. I saw them on someones blog the other day (can't remember who's) and I thought man those would make shaker card so much easier.. so I got some cuz they were only $1.65 for a box of 10.. I got square, circle & hearts.

So I made this card for my husband for our anniversary this year (aug 15). I made the key thats inside the heart using the Sweethearts cart and cut it at 1.5 inches, I also cut the "Happy Anniversary" out from Sweethearts at 1.5 inches. The key I cut using card stock and to make it a little think I cut 2 out and glued them back to back. I covered both sides in silver glitter glue and then after it dried I covered one side in Clear Accents.

I cut the plaid orange paper out to fit the card (4x5 I think) I traced the heart shaker box on the paper and cut out the inside of the heart. I glued down the key inside the heart shape and put some gold glass beads & orange glitter inside the heart cut.. then I placed the shaker box over it (it comes with a film you peel and it self sticks... super nice!).

I put a little orange bow down in the corner just to add a little I donno I just thought it could use it. I hand wrote the sentiment. See when my husband and I were dating he used to lock his keys in the car on a weekly basis.. he did it ALL the time!! Matter of fact one of the last times he did it was the day before our wedding!! LOL! We were at my place getting ready to leave for my baptism and he wanted to get the truck cooled off for me so he started it and turned on the air and came back to get me.. lol. It was his grandparents truck and it locks itself after a certain amount of time. Well my Uncle & Adam got it unlocked with a coat hanger because AAA wasn't gonna be there for over an hour and that would have made me 2 hrs late to my baptism.. I was luckily only 1 hr late LOL. He has yet to lock the keys in our truck.. but we'll see. He just let his AAA membership expire 4 months ago so I wouldn't be surprised if it happened soon.

Anyway I am entering this card into the following challenges:

Also.. real quick I wanted to show everyone what my wonderful husband bought me while he was out of town in AK on work last week.. OK OK I bought it and he didn't know until he came home LOL! I got an amazing deal though!

Thanks for stoppin' by and have a great day!


  1. WOW Jamie!!
    This is a really awesome Shaker card and such a super sweet anniversary gift! My anniversary is August 7th and I still haven't come up with a card! Thanks for the inspiration and for linking up!

    Lots of Love,
    P.S Congrats on your awesome buy!!

  2. This is a very cute card! Too bad your husband reads your blog lol.

  3. I love how you personalized your card. The key in the shaker card was an awesome idea! I'm sure your husband is going to love it! TFS!


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