Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Baby #2 Update

So... on Aug 4th we went back to the 3d Ultrasound place (for our 2nd set since the baby didnt cooperate the 1st time) and she was not wanting her pic taken (this is a BAD sign for me.. the mommy that has a photography studio and MUST take a pic of the baby at least once a month on the day it was born but more like once a week lol).. finally toward the end of the session she woke up and started moving and we got some good pics and video :).

On Aug 6th my mom and SIL (Rachel) threw me a baby shower and it was great! Even though we asked for no gifts (of course no one's gonna listen to us lol) we got tons of stuff for the new baby.. mainly clothes and gift cards.. which is really what I was expecting anyway.. I LOVE baby clothes.. I can't get enough but Adam thinks I get too much and the baby never gets to wear it (this is pretty much true lol.. especially when it comes to swim suits.. i have a problem.. jayden has at least 5 swim suits in each size and maybe wore 1-2 of them in each size if she was lucky lol).

Anyway the shower was great.. my best friend came even though it was on her birthday and i was definitely not expecting that. I made most of the decorations for the shower including a banner and napkin rings etc.. and I'll post a pic and some details on all the party decore soon. We started running low on time and I didn't get around to making my smores on a stick so my WONDERFUL husband ended up making them because I was busy tying fabric around the tops of the cookies in a jar along with their tags. He's the super best.. and the looked GREAT! (again I'll post pics of all the baby shower stuff soon.

We also I believe have finally agreed on a name for our lil NoName Girly.. We have it down to 2 names.. And soon hopefully we'll have it down to one and i'll be able to tell the world!

And... we got our C-section date on the 1st. We'll be heading into the hospital on Sept 13, 2011.. heres the kicker... my C-section is schedueled for 7:30AM that means we have to be there at.. (hold onto your seats) 5:30AM.... WHAT!!!!!!!?? lol. Now Im not a morning person ok.. that means we have to leave our house at around 4:45AM... meaning I'll have to get up around 4AM.. c'mon people this is my last night to get any sleep.. i mean i'll have a newborn in just hours after this! Lol.

And thats whats going on with this baby.. Adam leaves for AK AGAIN!! on Tuesday early morning like 3am or something because he didn't want to leave on our anniversary (monday Aug 15).. well other than that not much else.

Thanks for stoppin' by and have a great day!

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  1. wow! look haw far the ultra sounds have came!!! mine are like the black and white one for all four of my kiddos!! Can't wait to see the shower pics!


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