Thursday, August 18, 2011

We have a name...

So Adam finally picked his first name and now I can tell everyone what we're naming our 2nd baby. We decided on Harmony Rain Larsen! :D Jayden loves it.. she points to my belly and says "baby siser" or "Harm" :)

The other night we went to baby's r us and bought Harmony's crib & exersaucer... Now I have to give you a little back ground here for this.. Jayden has recently fallen in love with shoes. Has to have them all the time.. the first thing she says when she wakes up and gets outa her crib is "shoes!" and she says it all day.. when she wears shoes she stops every few seconds to point at them say "shoes" and show them to everyone. (my baby lol). So while shopping for baby clothes at babies r us (i have a thing for baby clothes i love them and can't stop buying them.. just ask Adam lol).. Jayden spotting something she wanted to buy her baby sister.. of course it was shoes lol! They are little pumpkin slippers.. and whe she pointed at them and said "baby... baby shoes!" i had to let her get them. So we were walking around and shes holding the shoes and Adam comes up to the cart.. he says "no shoes Jayden you don't need any more shoes" and I looked at him and told him.. these are for her baby sister.. just ask her she told me she wants to get them for the baby! and he said "yea right!" then he turned to Jayden and said "who are the shoes for?" Jayden said "baby!" and Adam said "are you the baby?" and Jayden said "baby siser.. shoes baby siser!" well needless to say.. Jayden got to get her baby sister some shoes lol.

On Aug 15 Adam & I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. We spent it mainly at home.. but went out to the Olive Garden for dinner.. with Jayden. See most people would do this just the two of them.. no kids.. but aside from loving spending time with Jayden all the time and wanting her around all the time.. Adam was leaving for another work trip to AK on the 16th at 5AM so he wanted to spend all the time he could with Jayden cuz he's gone for 2 weeks this time. On our way to the Olive Garden out of no where Jayden said "pita" (pizza).. and Adam and I just about dropped everything to take her to pizza hut since this was her very first time of requesting a certain food for dinner.. but ended up getting her a pizza from the olive garden.

Adam left at 5am on the 16th and later on the 16th Rachel (my SIL (brothers wife)), Jayden & I all went to Fabric Depot and picked out the fabric and pattern for Harmony's crib set. And then I picked up my mom and shes staying with Jayden & I until Saturday.. Adam wanted me to have people around to stay with me since Im getting so far along. And Adam wanted to make sure someone was here if I should happen to go into labor early (since I had post partum preeclampsia last pregnancy theres a good chance i'll get it this time, possibly during the pregnancy, and it causes early delivery). Im not supposed to pick Jayden up anymore (nothing over 15lbs.. and shes 26) but whos gonna tell a baby like that I cant pick u up? not this mommy! So I do still pick her up.. but since my moms here not as much. And next week my aunt and cousin are coming to stay for a day or 2. Adam will be back on Thursday.. so thats good.

Thats about all I have to post for now.. since my moms here I havent been scrapbooking at all.. but will start again once she leaves.. maybe lol.

Thanks for stoppin' by and have a great day!

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