Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jayden update

Jayden is now 21 months and 11 days old!

Milestones/ what shes up to:
  • has a vocabulary of over 100 words easy!
  • started putting words together (2-4 word sentences) about a month ago
  • copies EVERYTHING
  • can tell us when she has gone potty right away (but not before yet)
  • is sleeping in a big girl bed (her crib was converted into a daybed in Sept)
  • has reached the terrible twos and everything is a fight!

  • likes being a big sister
  • likes ALL animals
  • likes anything Disney (just like mommy) especially Mickey, Minnie, Ariel, Pooh & Tigger
  • likes soup
  • likes all sorts of fruits (and will take fruit over sweets any day
  • likes daddy
  • likes mommy
  • likes brushing her teeth
  • likes dresses
  • likes shopping
  • likes shoes
  • her blanky corner
  • likes coloring & crayons
  • dislikes broken crayons (which includes ones that dont have a point anymore lol)
  • dislikes bedtime
  • dislikes daddy leaving
  • dislikes obeying most of the time
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