Saturday, October 22, 2011

Harmony is over 1 month old

So.... *sigh* my baby girl is already 1 month and 9 days old!! :( When did this happen? I cannot believe it!

I was just going through my old posts and noticed that I hardly ever post about my babies now and its usually just scrapping or crafting.. so I thought I better at the very least do a monthly update (that way if nothing else at least i have kept track somewhere for when I finally (if ever) get around to scrapping this stuff).

So Harmony is 5ish weeks old now..

What's she doing/milestones:
  • just starting to track things
  • can support her head for about 30 seconds at a time
  • kicks off of things nonstop
  • drinking 3oz bottles every 2hrs during the day and 3-4 hrs at night
  • starting to roll onto her side
  • starting to coo "ahh" "ohh" "aww" etc
  • smiles once in awhile when shestalked to or smiled at
  • just started losing her hair this week and its starting to grow back where it's fallen out at already

  • likes her big sister
  • likes being held
  • likes daddy
  • likes mommy
  • likes "It girl - Jason Derulo" (its the only way to get her to stop crying sometimes)
  • likes her tummy time gym
  • likes sleeping during the day and being up at night
  • likes eating
  • dislikes anything cold
  • dislikes being sat down
  • dislikes her car seat
  • dislikes being swaddled
  • dislikes loud noises
  • dislikes bath time (cuz it's cold afterwards i guess lol)
  • dislikes being dirty

Other info:
  • Jayden can't say Harmony yet she calls her "sis" or "Harm" or "Harma".. so I've started calling her "Harma" too I think its kinda cute
  • First trip was on Sept 22 - 23 a beach trip to Newport, Rockaway Beach, & Tillamock and we went to the Newport Aquarium
  • First trip to the pumpkin patch was on Oct 15, 2011.
  • Her hair was/is reddish brown (we'll see if it grows back the same color).
Please forgive my photos they have not yet been edited. And I have 1000s more (no joke) i just don't have the time right now to edit and then upload.. just to upload these 3 it took me about 30 mins.. ugh slow internet and not wanting to take the time to resize (the computer i normally do that on broke.. my husband dropped it off the chair and the screen shattered lol).

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