Thursday, January 5, 2012

Name Christmas Bulbs

It's been awhile since I've made a post but I assure you I've been crafting tons and I'll show it all as soon as I have it all done. I'm working on Jayden's 2nd birthday party.. and Im making pretty much everything.. from the cake to the hats.. and lets not forget the invites, the party blowers (kinda), the favor boxes, food, food lables, signs, banners, cookies, the list goes on and on.. and the theme.. well Jayden's favorite of course (but it's a surprise) and I promise to share soon.. her party is the 14th so it'll probably be up by the 20th. As for other crafts I'll try to post some other stuff in the meantime it's just a matter of having the time to post.

In other news we just bought a new couch about 2 days ago, and are going to pick up another one tonight.. :D. Jayden sang a song all by herself for the 1st time on Jan 1st (a song that goes with her party theme), Harmony laughed (I don't mean a little giggle, I mean busted up laughing) for the first time on the 2nd.

Harmony's Pin It

No tutorial needed.. 1) put some pledge floor shine in the bulb. 2) swish it around and make sure to cover the entire inside of bulb. 3) dump out excess floor shine. 4) pour fine glitter into the bulb (I tried some glitter that wasn't so fine and it fell off :(.. so i think fine glitter is better). 5) shake bulb and cover inside with glitter (Jayden did this part and she had a blast!). 6) put on lid... and its done!

Jayden's Pin It

I added vinyl names but these looked great without the names too it just adds a special touch.

Mine. Pin It

I cut our names out of gold vinyl (left over from the stuff I bought for Adams grandparents anniversary party) using my Expression & SCAL 2.0. Peel the names off and stick em on.. sooo easy and it looks great!

Adam's Pin It

Not only was this an easy project.. it was also a fun project Jayden (my almost 2 year old girl) & I could do together (so very kid friendly)... but it was also pretty inexpensive! I had all of these glitters in my stuff already that I bought on clearance last year after Halloween from Michaels.. ($3 for 16 different glitters in a pack), the bulbs I had 3 of them from last year on clearance after Christmas (less than $0.50 each) and 1 from this year ($1), the Pledge floor shine was $3-4 for the bottle that looks untouched... so a total of ... $9.50 for these bulbs (and thats not counting that I have all the stuff to make them again so in the future it'll just cost the price of the bulbs (which I'll be getting on clearance from Michales lol).

As for the 300 follower giveaway.. I'm a tad more busy than I expected to be.. you know with my baby turning 2 and all.. well hopefully I'll have the giveaway posted by the 10th.. that is my goal. I don't wanna forget to thank all of my wonderful followers so please don't give up.. it's coming I promise!!

Thanks for stoppin' by and have a great day!!

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