Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jayden's 2nd Birthday Party

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So, it's happened... my baby just turned 2 on January 11, 2010, I cannot believe it. My lil big girl.. not only is she growing fast and getting real big, but she's also sooo smart it just blows my mind and on her birthday she went poopoo on the potty chair :).

Jayden loves Winnie the Pooh, ok more like she is obsessed with anything and everything having anything to do with Pooh. So I knew what her birthday party would be... Pooh of course!

I started planning for her party over a month ahead of time (which was very hard for me because she had just switched recently from the Little Mermaid to Pooh and I was worried she was gonna change her mind right before her party).. my husband convinced me that I needed to pick a theme for her party and she would like whatever I did.. so I set the theme. I started my shopping for all the items I'd need I had lists all over and one book that I kept my shopping and to do list in to make sure I had everything.. I wanted to start early so that it didn't get down to the day of the party and I forgot something really important.

The actual party was on Jan 14, 2012. I made most of the items myself with the exception of a few things like the plates, napkins, silverware etc.

A quick note: I am having a very hard time finding the pics for a few items. I will do another post for these items and I'll try to get them all in one.. so sorry about that :( I hate that I can't find the pics but I'm sure they'll show up. Here is the list of items I cannot find pics of and will do another post for:
The invites
Jayden's headband
Jayden's Howse banner
How about lunch banner
food tags
favor bags
the food
Bee Hive Pinata
Mr Sanders vinyl art (above Jayden's door)
thank you cards

Jayden's Attire:
I made Jayden's pooh headband using a headband from Michaels that was in the clearance for $0.79 & some $1 yellow ribbon that was the perfect color and shine for honey & some pooh ribbon from Michaels for $4 but I used a 40% off coupon on that. With the left over yellow ribbon I tied it around Jayden's red dress that she wore (got it from TJ Maxx for $10). (These pics of her headband are missing too so again.. a later post for better pics)

The decorations:
Banners - "Pooh Corner" is all from SCAL the banner shapes are just triangles & the font is Comic Sans.

"silly 2 year old bear" high chair banner cut form scal.

Party hats - using SCAL & the free file I got HERE I cut these hats out in red & yellow card stock. I then cut the honey pot 2 from pooh font cart (Just for Jayden's hat) I had cut some pooh ears from the same yellow card stock as the rest of the hat & I cut some slits in where I wanted the ears to go & I added some honey on the pot using the drippy goo punch. For the rest of the hats I put 2 stars of the opposite color on each (I cut these with scal at the same time as the hats with the extra space on the card stock). I punched some holes in the hats with my big bite II and tied elastic on. I cut a special small hat for Harmony to wear (which she did for about 3 mins just long enough for some pics but it was too tight and I couldn't leave it on her) and one for Sweetums who for the first time ever ran from me so she didn't have to wear something.

Potty Chair Sign - Jayden's thoughtful spot sign I cut the "wood" background by hand, and cut out the words using pooh font cart and the crass is from the Happy Hauntings cart.
Honey pot - I used a small flower pot and wrote "hunny" on it with a sharpie, I cut some strips of yellow card stock with the drippy goo punch and fringed the top and adhered theme to the top of the pot. I put the extra honey sticks inside and sat it on the food table.

The cookies:
These sugar cookies took me a lil while to make but were possibly my fav thing at the party. I've made these before for Adam's grandparents 50th Anniversary party.. not the same designs or anything but the same recipes. Though they are not perfect I did like the way they came out. I had to order the pooh cookie cutter from ebay it's a 3D cutter but I ended up mainly using the head part and cutting the rest off. I free handed all the cookies and used a food color marker for the face on pooh and the black outlines on the bee wings. These cookies were a HUGE hit.. everyone loved theme.

The cake:
I made cupcakes... these didn't turn out how I had pictured but they did the job. I wanted the cupcakes to look like bee hives. And I made Jayden's cake to match. They were just yellow cake with cream cheese frosting that was colored yellow. I had a couple compliments on my cupcakes the one that meant the most to me was from my brother (he has his degree in pastry arts (cake decorating etc)) he told me it was the best cake he'd ever had he also said he loved the cookies.

The games:
Hunt for red balloons - I cut a bunch of red balloons from my Pooh & friends cart and we hid them around the house.. the kid that found the most won a prize.

Pin the tail on Eeyore - I cut Eeyore as large as I could on my expression from the pooh & friends cart (11.5 in) and only had the pastels for the larger sheets so I cut his black out in black, his main body in purple & his lighter color in purple.. for the body I painted it blue with some fabric spray paint. for his tails I cut part of the main cut for the black out and then canceled the cut after the tail was done so that I didn't waste paper or time. Since there was no easy way to do the rest of the tale I hand cut the rest of it tracing one part as the templet. I put each kids name on the back so that when they played we knew who was the closed.. the closed to the "X" on Eeyore won a prize.

Everyone thought the party looked great (I even got some comments that it looked like the type of birthday party a kid would have in a movie and it looked all professionally done). And Jayden had a blast which was the most important part!

On her actual birthday we took her out to eat at the Olive Garden (we also took her here to eat for her 1st birthday).. We were also gonna take her to Chuck E Cheese to play some games but she fell asleep on the way so we ended up just doing dinner.

Hope you enjoyed my party spread :)

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  1. Happy belated birthday to your daughter!! Oh wow, what an awesome party!! I love Pooh, too!! The decorations are so fabulous and the cookies and cupcake look so delicious!! And I love pin the tail on Eeyore!! What fun!! Thanks so much for playing along at Decorate to Celebrate!

    Decorate to Celebrate DTM

  2. Great decorations. It looks like you guys had a ton of fun. Thanks for playing along with us at Decorate to Celebrate.

  3. Happy B-day Jayden. Wow, you sure put a lot of work into the party. Everything is so adorable. I hear you about them growing up so blink your eye and before you know it another birthday is here and over. I love all the cookies, and the party decorations. I love Winnie the pooh too, collect anything that is winnie:) Thank you for joining us at Whimsical Wednesdays;)

  4. Visiting from DTC and WOW!!!What an amazing Pooh birthday you created for your 2 year old!

  5. wow! Love all your decorations! You did an awesome job! Love the cookies and cupcakes~
    your daughter was very lucky~

  6. WOW!! This is SUCH a fabulous party! You did a really great job!! It does look professionally done. Your personal touches were amazing!! And happy birthday to your Lil' Girl!! My "Lil' Girl" just turned 13-Yikes! Enjoy this time! It goes by so so fast! :) ~Jen

  7. Hi Jaime:) Oh my goodness!! where to start:) LOVE the Eeyore and the cookies are fantastic and I know you put lots of work on them!! What a fabulous 2nd Birthday Party she is growing!! Thank you for joining us over at Decorate to Celebrate!!

  8. WOW!! You did such a FABULOUS job on Jayden's birthday decorations. I am very impressed. I hope you win at least one of the challenges. You are very creative and talented too. Thanks for sharing. Terri of Two Pink Peas

  9. Such cute ideas. Great job!!


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