Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How I got into Cricut

Erica is having a giveaway on her blog for the Cricut cartirdge Sophie.. to enter for a chance to win you must go HERE and read the description.. basically you make a post about how you got into Cricut.. and this is how it happened for me...

It was around summer 2009 when I was pregnant with my first baby, Jayden (now 2). I was up late having trouble sleeping (I even had to take some sleeping pills at times to sleep because it was so bad and my doctor said she'd rather have me taking some Tylenol PM than not sleeping enough).. so of course I kept seeing these infomercials for the Cricut Expression. I did a little research.. ok a LOT of research.. and decided I really wanted one to help me scrapbook my unborn babies baby book and everything before and after!

I kept bugging my husband, Adam, to buy me one and he told me "You don't need that it's expensive and you can just use scissors." I pleaded and begged and still.. nope you don't need it! So I decided I'll stop bugging him and maybe if I bring it up again later around Christmas he'll get it for me.

A few months later in late August.. I was admitted into the hospital at only 21 weeks and told there was a possibility I could lose the baby and was given the option to have a cerclage put in. After a few hours of thinking and talking with my husband we decided I'd get the surgery instead of just waiting to see what happened. The surgery went well but I was in the hospital for half a week before and almost a week after. Then I was told I was to be on bed rest the rest of my pregnancy, and since my husband just got a new job in a different state I could not move with him and had to live with his grandparents (I have family but they lived too far from the hospital for my husbands comfort).

Adam felt bad for me having to spend such an important time away from him (of course he was sad too) and having to be on bed rest with nothing to do.. so ... being the amazing man he is.. he bought me a Cricut Expression to keep me sane and happy while we were apart and it was to give me a head start on Jayden's scrapbook... (which has maybe 10 pages done lol!!). He got it on ebay brand new for $150 with the standard accent essentials and plantin schoolbook.. he also bought me Life's a Beach (since Jaydens nursery theme was to be under the sea/ocean). And he bought me Sure Cuts A Lot 2 so that he wouldn't have to buy me any other carts.. well I've got well over 60 carts now LOL! and a gypsy, imagine & extra expression lol. He loves me.. he's the best.

The very first thing I cut with my Cricut was Jayden's birth announcements which my husband designed in photoshop and stayed up with me until like 3AM cutting them out with me..
So that's how I got into cricut :D Hope you enjoyed reading my story.

Thanks for stoppin' by and have a great day!

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