Friday, March 15, 2013

Jayden update

Hey everyone.. its been a super long time since I've done a baby update (sorry about that.. life just kinda gets in the way often). Well I planned a party.. a very special birthday party for a very special baby thats growing up wayyyy too fast for this mommy!
just hours old

3 months old

On Friday (Jan 11) Jayden turned 3!! I cannot believe it, it feels like I just had her. I've been in denial since the last birthday so it was really hard to deal with this one lol. She requested (more like required lol) a tea party. So of course I had to do a mad tea party with an Alice/Disney theme.

4 months old

8 months old

1 year old

Jayden and her sissy Harmony

Jayden & daddy @ Disneyworld June 2012

Dec 2013 - almost 3 years old

3 years old 

Over the past 3 years she's learned to do so many things so fast. It's like she doesn't even need my help with anything anymore.. for all you moms out there I know you know my pain here and you can feel the sting lol. Nothing hurts quite as bad as her saying "no mommy, I can do it myself. I'm a big girl" except of course for the first time she told me the most hurtful thing I've ever heard in my life "Mommy, I hate you!" :( broke my heart! And the words turn into sentences, which turn into paragraphs.. and next thing they're in college lol.

Jayden favorites:
food: chocolate sandwiches (nutella), chocolate, candy, mac n cheese
movie: anything disney and care bears and my little ponys
person: her sissy Harmony & daddy
animal: dogs & cats "a debra" (aka zebra)
blankie: "ish blankie" (fish blankie w/ yellow ribbon trim her great grandma Larsen made)

Jayden dislikes:
using the potty chair
being woke up
"Umm I don't wike monters and umm thats what i don't like and I dont wike the dark too!"

Jayden milestones:
speaking in sentences & paragraphs
learning songs and singing them with out missing a beat fairly fast
learning some letters.. what they look like and what they are "o, i, etc"
she can write "I <3 a="" and="" few="" her="" letters="" name="" numbers.="" other="" u="">
shes not scared of bath time anymore LOL

A few funny Jayden quotes:
Harmony sat on Jayden's lap and Jayden yelled "OWE! Break my legs!!"
"I'm big and that makes mommy sad and that makes daddy old!" 


I wrote most of this awhile ago and am just now getting to posting it.. so long ago that it was supposed to be posted before her 3rd birthday. I figured I better get it up before I forget. 

Next I'll have a Harmony update.. maybe.... tomorrow?? That would be nice we'll see. yesterday Harmony was exactly 1.5 years old :(. Where does the time go? 

Thanks for stoppin' by and have a great day!

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