Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Goin HOME!

YAY! Tomorrow we fly home for a few days. So u'd think I'd be packing but naw. We travel so much and so often that I can pack both mine & Jayden's stuff in less than an hour for a 7 day trip! Not bad eh? We'll be leaving our house at like 7am to get to the DEN airport in time for our 11am flight.. be home 3 hours after that!

Adam went out of town last night to teach a class and we (Jayden & I) have to go pick him up when he gets back into town later tonight.

When Adam left yesterday he gave me a $30 scrap budget for the day (I usually have a $40 limit a month ... or that was the plan anyway.. not working so well lol) well.. I went a tad over board. I got like $18 worth of scrap stuff and then I used a 50% off coupon and got the Cuttlebug for $39.99. Well I'm always very honest with my husband and I knew I shouldnt have bought it before I did. So I of course called him and told him last night. He was a little upset. He told me to take it back lol. And proceeded to break down and well.. he told me that I couldnt keep it because he had already ordered it for me weeks ago for my birthday (which is Sept 30) and had it sent to his office so I wouldn't know (see.. im very good at guessing his surprises and well its rare that he ends up surprising me). He's so good to me :D this time he had me completely fooled and I feel really bad that I ruined his surprise again. Oh well I guess.

We're gonna be pretty busy for the next 2 weeks or so. We come back here on the 21st (along with my mom, shes comin to baby sit Jayden), shoot a wedding on Sept 25th (thats why my mom is baby sitting). Yes, I do fly her out whenever we need a baby sitter lol. Kinda crazy I know but I dont know anyone here, don't plan to know anyone here, and dont want to know anyone here.. and if I did, I still wouldnt trust them watchin her. Drive my mom to the airport on the 26th and leave for Jackson/Yellowstone on the 28th (i believe Im not positive, Adam knows that stuff for certain). We wont be back here again until after my birthday (another gift is a Yellowstone camping trip).

So thats pretty much everything we have planned so far.

Thanks for stoppin' by and have a great day!

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