Tuesday, September 7, 2010

playing catch up!

I havent posted in awhile.. not quite sure why.. I've been home. lol. I have been working on my first paper bag album and it's almost finished I still need to find some chipboard for the cover.. not quite sure where to find it.. Michaels didn't have any. So that's been taking up a lot of my time.. I'll get some pics up when it's finished.

Yesterday Adam bought me an ATG gun!! YESssssssssssss! lol.. I used it a lil last night and so far I have no complaints.. other than how hard it was to open.. Adam had to do it for me lol.

Still waiting for Create A Critter to come.. hopefully it'll be here today I CANNOT wait to open that baby up and start making some cute lil animals! Also still waiting to hear back about Jayden's halloween costume from Walgreens.. gee.

We went garage selling on umm Saturday. Got some pretty cool stuff. (Im currenly working on refinishing a coffee table for a living room and that got me into wanting to find stuff and restore it or refinish it.) We found 2 different rocking horses (that we'll use for a photo shoot with Jayden) one was $4 and the other $2 (the $2 one we found being sold online for $125!!) still not gonna sale it. We also go a tiny desk (Jayden sized) for $3 and its SOOOOO cute but im gonna sand 'er down and restain it, or possibly paint it to match her room and dresser! No scrapbook stuff anywhere so thats about all we found. But we did pretty good!

Also, we bought our plane tickets home for Sept 16-21.. its gonna be so great to see Mai (she's my 2nd cousin but is more like a sister and is def my BFF!! she was also my maid of honor.. she lives in Ohio)! This will be the first time she has seen Jayden in person (she came and visited when I was pregnant but couldnt stay for the birth). Shes really excited too.

When we get home.. we shoot a wedding on Sept 25 and then head up to Yellowstone NP again (Adams gonna be working up there and its also for my b-day) and this will be both my and Jayden's 2nd trip to Yellowstone but this time we're gonna be camping.. which will be her first time camping! :D

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Well as always... thanks so much for stopping by and have a great day!! :D

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