Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I WON!!!

Great news today.. I found out I won the Hannah Montana Cartridge from the Birthday Bash Challenge with Crafting With Cristina! How wonderful is that?! My 1st win!

I also bought the Create A Critter cart off of ebay today (it's technically my birthday gift from my husband but he had me get it cuz i have the time to find the better deals lol). I accidentally bid on two different ones.. and won them both (Adam won't be happy about that lol!).. I got one for $23 and the other for $27.48. Both great deals but Im thinkin Adams gonna tell me to sell it on ebay again lol.

Also, yesterday I got Jayden's halloween costume in the mail (I ordered it online thru I was a little bit upset when I opened the box.. I ordered her the lil' stinker skunk costume in 6-12mos... and they sent me Woody from Toy Story in size 12-18mo... seriously? Wrong size, wrong costume.. not good. To top it off.. the skunk costume was like $40 and the Woody one is only $19.99... I DONT THINK SO! So I called em up yesterday and they said they're gonna take care of it. Im waiting for a call from the "special shipping" people.. no call yet but they better make it soon.

Adam comes home tomorrow so that'll be good.. Jayden has missed him.. she loves her daddy and gets tired of only seeing me day after day.. thats about all the news here.

Thanks for stoppin' by!

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