Thursday, October 7, 2010

Michelle's Candy

Hey everyone go head on over to Michelle's Scrapbooking & More and check out her blog candy. The candy up for grabs is a choice!! So head on over to see how to enter for your chance to win!


  1. Jamie those pictures in your header are just adorable. I assume that is Jayden? Did you take those photos? What a cutie.

  2. Thank you :) Yes they are my baby girl Jayden and I did take them.. (I own my own wedding photography business). I even came up with all the cute ideas for the pics on my own lol.. I have tons more just never seem to find the time to put them up. Anyway.. thank you so much for your compliments, always love to hear when someone appreciates my work ;). Have a great day and thanks for the chance to win ur candy!


Thanks for your comments! Have a great day!