Thursday, October 21, 2010

Maternity LO & a trip to the hospital

Here is another page we made for Jaydens scrapbook. My brother took our maternity pics for us and since Adam is a Highway Safety Engineer for FHWA he thought it would be funny to do some of me walking like the guy on the signs and then he was gonna photoshop the guy into a pregnant girl lol.. he never got around to it but him and my brother thought it was HILARIOUS to make me do this! So this layout fits into the following challenge:

We had a very exciting day today... Jayden was projectile vomiting starting at around 2pm.. she was having trouble breathing so I called Adam (he came home right away) and while he was on his way home she puked again. And then again when he got home so we took her in to the hospital. During her check up the dr was getting ready to examine her and she started puking again. This doc was great (we've never had him before but hope to in the future) he grabbed some tissue and paper towels and started cleaning her and then he felt so bad he was trying to clean the puke off her blankie.. (so nice of him). The dr said it was probably a delayed allergic reaction to her formula.. (shes had a "problem" since birth and they thought it was an allergy to milk so we've had her on Alamentium from then to oct 2 (we've tried switchin her to milk formula before this also and ended up switching her back again)). So they told us to give her pedialite (2 oz every 1 for 4 hours) than switch her back to her "normal" formula. Shes sleeping now and doing good but she gave Mommy quite the scare today :).

Thanks for stoppin' by and have a great night!

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  1. This is a great idea! I am inspired now to scrap a layout! I found your blog through Momo's Tues Challenge and now I follow!


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