Thursday, October 21, 2010

New carts on the way!

The other day I was so excited I forgot to tell everyone that was having a great sale 50 different carts for $19.95!! Anyway I think it's over now but they'll have another sale and i'll let you all know when. Anyway, it was such a great deal I couldn't pass it up.. But I had already wayyyyyy over spent my scrapbooking budget (Adam limits me to $40 a month.. thow it never seems to work out for him lol). Adam ended up letting me get 3 carts (he said I could spend what I thought I would make off the 2 carts Im selling on my Etsy. So I got Happy Hauntings, Once Upon A Princess, and Old West all for $19.95 each!!!! What a great deal! So those are in the mail!

Last night while working on my card for the Caring Hearts Card Drive Blog Hop I'm participating in on Saturday (BTW you may wanna come check it out its for a very good cause and I'll be giving away my very first blog candy! hope you join in on the fun!) I ran out of ATG glue :( bummer... But since Im making the cards for a good cause Adam has decided to let me spend more again and buy some refills! Even better than that... Adam thinks its such a good cause that he has decided to help me make a few cards to send as well! How sweet :).

And Adam signed me up for a handgun safety class on saturday (as well as him on sunday) and we are both looking for some volunteer work.. we're thinking meals on wheels.. we'll see. So, this is a jam packed weekend.. not to mention I wanted to take some super cute pics of Jayden in the studio this weekend with her pumpkins. Eh.. we'll see how it all goes hopefully well.

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