Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Adams Birthday lol + whats new

I'll start with whats new...
We recently got back from our trip to IN, OH, KY & TN. Adam had work in TN and was nice enough to add some days and ton of money to the trip to let me see my cousin/best friend in the whole world, she live in OH. After a few days with her & her fiance and daughter we went to TN for Adams conference. We stayed 2 nights at a Marriott and then Adam moved us to the hotel where his conference was (the Opryland Hotel) for the rest of the trip. this place is massive!! I mean unbelievably HUGE! It had 3 areas inside that looked like the outside with waterfalls and ponds etc etc.. (9 acres total). Anyway, it's were the Grand Ole Opry is located now. While there we at at the Melting Pot for the first (and very last) time. $100 for dinner that we had to cook ourselves and not even enough to fill you up. We also went to the location of the original Grand Ole Opry.. and all I wanted out of the entire trip was to get a Shotgun Red puppet (just like the ones my grandma bought for me & my bro and brought back from her trip to Nashville when we were little).. and did i find one? NO! ugh.. rip off. (pics to come soon)

I've also recently overspent my scrapping budget (for 2 years lol) easy. I got a bunch of carts for $12.50 from along with some imagine mats for $4.90.. a new expression for $119 (mine is on its last leg :( very sad). And I got some carts from ebay.. and some imagine ink from for less than $20 each (both black & color).

We're getting all ready for Thanksgiving (and black Friday of course lol).. We go to Adams family at around 1pm leave there around 3pm.. (hopefully stop off at Michaels for their sales that start on Thanksgiving from 4 - 10pm on the way to my family).. drive to my family (45min - 1 hr drive from adams family).. get there at 5ish pm leave at 8ish pm and drop the girls off for the night with Adams mom so we can shop for black friday starting at Walmart at 10pm. I have not yet decided if we're gonna leave Harmony or not.. (I know its not extremely safe to take her bf shopping but... I've never been away from her certainly not over night and im not really sure I wanna do that yet).

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving...

Now onto my project..
For Adams birthday I made this...

card - cut from Wrap It Up cart

this is a coupon book I made using the same papers.. i cut them using SCAL and my expression.. and punched holes with my Big Bite II and added a binder ring and tied some ribbon to the ring.

these are cupcake toppers (or in this case brownie toppers).. The tombstones worked so much better with brownies i mean it looked more realistic than it would have on cupcakes lol.. its like a graveyard of brownies lol.

I am entering these into the following challenge:

And one last thing.. if you've made it this far you deserve to read this part.. Im at 298 followers.. that means 300 is coming fast. Im thinking it's getting close to giveaway time. Once I hit 300 I'll do a giveaway so tell your friends :)

Thanks for stoppin' by and have a great day (and happy Thanksgiving!)


  1. I just read that you bought some carts from PaperCrafting Pro. Do you pay the monthly fee? $12.50 was a great price. Looking to find some good deals for the holidays.

    Cute birthday items.
    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Carson's Creations

  2. What cool party stuff! Just wanted to stop by your blog and say thanks for the nice comments you left on mine ;) Sounds like you had a fun time shopping! I hope to see your app in at TPV :)

  3. Visiting from Decorate to Celebrate. I'm a new follower. Cool party decorations.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"


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