Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Memories Suite Winner!

Well Sorry this is late I know I said I'd post on Nov 5 but.. I've been super busy making cookies and decor etc etc for Adam's grandparent's surprise 50th anniversary party.. (i'll post about that later this week maybe.. or perhaps next week sometime).

We're packing our bags tonight and flying to IN tomorrow.. Adam is teaching a class in TN and we'll be stopping in to visit Maile (my very best friend in the whole world!) and her Mike & Lei (her fiance & daughter). And then we'll be in TN for the rest of the time.. we wont get back until Nov 18.. but hopefully in the evening on the days in TN I'll have a chance to post at least a couple of times while gone. We'll see. Im very excited cuz I haven't seen Mai since... oh last summer.. (we go a year usually before we get to see each other)... and this is the first time she gets to meet Harmony :D .. she didnt meet Jayden until she was 9 months old and I didnt meet Lei until she was about 9 months old kinda sucks that we live so far away :(. But anyway.. I'll be gone and wont really have a chance to craft but I may be able to post some pics from the 50's anniversary party of some of the items I made.

Now onto the winner... I didn't have to use Random.org I had 2 comments both from the same person.. so Jackie Njeri you are the winner!! I will look for a way to contact you on your blog .. but please feel free to email me if I don't get ahold of you.. email at: babyblueangel_30@yahoo.com

Thanks for stoppin' by and have a great day!!

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  1. Have a safe flight Jamie,
    I already emailed you back.
    Thanks for the win, I have seen some awesome layouts online with the My Memories suite and I can't wait to play with mine,
    Thanks again.


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