Friday, September 25, 2015

Ribbon Bookmark

Hey everyone, 

today I'd like to share a ribbon bookmark. 

For this project all you really need is ribbon, scissors, a button, an elastic hair tie, needle & thread (or a sewing machine), and hot glue & hot glue gun (optional).

I used 5/8" red wired satin ribbon and 11/2" navy blue mini stars wired ribbon. 
This bookmark is such an easy project. If I hadn't hand stitched it probably would have only taken 15 mins. My hand stitching skills used to be decent, but I haven't hand stitched in quite awhile. My stitching was less than beautiful, so I hot glued red ribbon over it and it looks pretty good now!

Let me give you the easy steps real quick... 
1. Cut ribbon to size (size depends on book... measure around and have a gap between the ends of about 2 - 3 inches.
2. place elastic band on one edge about an inch in and fold ribbon over the elastic.
3. stitch the end of the ribbon thats folded over the elastic making a loop out of the ribbon that traps the elastic in.
4. on the other end of the ribbon sew on a button. DONE!

 (optional steps if you want to clean up the edges)

5. fold back the ribbon edge the button is on toward the inside and hot glue down.
6 wrap a different ribbon over the stitches from the elastic.

I hope you guys enjoy this project and give it a go yourself.

Thanks for stoppin' by and have a great day!

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