Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Workin on getting a cuttlebug

Yea.. I really want a Cuttlebug now and Im trying really hard to talk Adam (my hubby) into getting me one.. it's so hard to convince him thow since I just got him talked into a trip to Disneyland around Christmas (this will be Jayden's first trip and we'll be going with my brother and his fam) not to mention all the scrapbooking stuff I have. He thinks its the last thing I need because I "won't use it" ha.. I'd so use that! lol. I'll have it by my birthday it's almost certain lol.. I just have to work on him for a little while (I also wasn't gonna get the iPhone since I'd "never use it"... 1 month later.. I had it :D).. he spoils me! He's the best!

Anyway so I have recently been more into this blogging, I've meant to be into it for a LONG time, even before Jayden was born (I wanted to keep track of all her new and exciting mile stones in one easy place for scrapbooking).. but shes over 7 months old and Im just now starting to do this more frequently. We travel often, between my husbands work trips and our visits home it's been hard to sit down and just blog but finally something to get me interested.

So I've been getting into doing some challenges and such as of late.. which I LOVE! Having a due date to get a project done by gives me even more motivation to do something, so I'm really glad that all these blogs I follow are helping to get me back into the groove of being crafty.

While blog surfing today I found a blog that is having some awesome giveaways right now and I wanted to share them with everyone that stops by because its such an awesome deal! The blog is "Crafty Girl Designs" and she has two different weeks worth of giveaways going on right now and if you hop on over now you still have a chance to win the one that ends on Aug 30 HERE! and the other giveaway you have until Sept 6 to win and you can enter that one HERE! These are amazing giveaways!!

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