Monday, August 30, 2010

AMAZING deal at Michaels!!!

So yesterday my husband took me scrapbook shopping (cuz he's the best! :D) and I got an AMAZING deal!!! Everything pictured below, I got it all, I mean EVERYTHING for under $46! Can you believe that?! See Michaels was having this wonderful deal and I normally wouldn't have noticed.

I recently got more into making cards (I used to just be about scrapbooking) and I've been noticing that most people that make cards are doing amazing shading things inside their stamps so I went to a forum and asked out. They said copics or something similar so I've been interested in blending markers and I noticed that Michaels was having all their prismacolor markers on sale for 50% off! But, theres more! To top off the 50% off they also had a coupon for an additional 40% your purchase of fine art products(regular price or sale price), this included the prismacolor markers.. yea I got the 24 set for under $40!! They normally sale at Michaels for $119! Such a great deal! I'm sooo happy with this purchase!

Oh and another thing, these papers above where listed at a clearance price of $.09 each! But I was surprised to see them ring up at $.05 each! What a great deal! So, if you happen to be looking for a deal on prismacolors markers or some really cute paper go check out Michaels (make sure to take the coupons!).

Now.. since this is my blog about being a mom (not just paper crafts lol) I thought I'd post a pic of Jayden (its not brand new but it's her most recent photo shoot I did in my studio) I'll start posting more pics and stories of and about Jayden.. anyway on to the photo.. my lil ballerina!
More news.. yesterday we booked another wedding.. this one for Sept 25, 2010.. here in WY not back home in WA like we like oh well.. this means we have to fly in a baby sitter.. most likely my mom which will be good! Also.. we'll be goin home to see my best friend in the whole world (shes also my cousin) and the last time I saw her I was pregnant with Jayden in October.. so yea almost a year. She lives in OH (moved there when she was in HS) and thow we're best friends shes the person I wanna see the most and get to see the least. She loves babies and hasnt got to meet Jayden yet so shes also very excited as is her daughter Leila. I cant wait.

More news.. Adam just left this morning on a work trip to MO and wont be back til Thursday.. which means I'll probably be rippin my hair out when he does get back.. Jayden loves her daddy and gets cranky when she doesnt see him often enough =)! It also means a chance to scrapbook/make cards (i hope! we'll see).

anyway thanks so much for stoppin by!

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  1. thank you for stopping by my blog and entering to win a halloween mini. YOur little girl is adorable. I am now a follower.


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