Friday, August 6, 2010

Not what I planned

Well turns out I dont actually use this as much as I said I was going to.. being a mom takes up a LOT of time. But, since Im here now, might as well update.

Jayden said her first word "mama" on May 22.. she now has it down and says "mama" all the time. In the last 2 days Jayden has learned how to say "dada" and dada is lovin it! :D And just yesterday Jayden learned to say "hi" though she can't say it as well and doesn't say it as often as mama or dada.

On the 11th we leave for home (Vancouver, WA) for another visit and to shoot a wedding. Sadly we fly out on the 11th (Jayden's 7 month birthday) and I ALWAYS do her photo shoots on the 11th.. not quite sure how Im gonna work this one out but Im sure I will.

I've really been wanting to scrapbook lately but never seem to find the time.. and when I do find the time I find myself just organizing everything.. it takes so long to finally get everything neat and once it's neat it gets messy again if I scrap.. *sigh* oh but I love it when I actually get to do it :)

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