Friday, August 20, 2010


So, While we were home (in Vancouver, WA) from Aug 11 - Aug 18 we did a lot of stuff. We visited with family.
On the 13th we met with the wedding couple we were shooting for, and went swimming with Adam's family.
On the 14th we shot Mark & Amy's wedding
On the 15th we celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary! Adam took me on the Sternwheeler and we ended up doing a small engagement shoot for a couple that got engaged on the boat.
On the 16th we went to Sandlake with my family
We spend the rest of the time between our families.

Yesterday Jayden went in for her 3rd round of shots, these are usually given at 6 months but we travel so often that her shots were slowly pushed back a couple weeks and then when it was time for her 6 month shots she was already 7 months and 1 week old. She did really well... has a fever (like she always does after shots) but she's being such a good girl! Daddy felt bad (like he always does after she has shots) and bought her a Tigger!

Now, Im getting ready to finally use this Mac for the reason we bought it... to work on a wedding. So, here goes Im gonna get on Mark & Amy's wedding pics! This should go a LOT faster than it would if I were still using my Sony.

OH yea one other thing.. while we were on the plane home Adam told me that he'd really like to help me out with Jayden's scrapbook!! How awesome is that?! It's been a really long time since he's scrapbooked with me.. well I guess he did a few pages for our wedding scrapbook.. but still.. he got me all excited and now I really wanna scrap but I cant because I gotta finish up this wedding.. *sigh*

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  1. wow! after reading that I don't think I'm as busy as I thought I was! lol Thanks for becoming a follower and commenting on my blog! appreciate it much!
    Yours TruLee,
    Ann Marie


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